Staking Explained

Glizzy Royale
1 min readMar 3, 2022

Staking your NFT will passively earn you $GLIZZY, the utility token for our upcoming pay-and-earn Battle Royale game (Glizzy Royale). Our staking protocol will go live one week following the mint scheduled for April 21st on Magic Eden Launchpad.

We are working with an economist who has consulted with many projects with successful tokens, including Honey DeFi. We will soon be releasing a white paper that fully explains our tokenomics model.

The amount of $GLIZZY you earn will depend on:

  • The rarity of your NFT

The rarity of your NFT is determined by its rarest trait. For example, if you have a single mythic rare trait, that means your NFT is categorized as mythic rare in the metadata.

Daily $GLIZZY Yield:

  • Common/Uncommon: 1 $GLIZZY/day
  • Rare: 2.5 $GLIZZY/day
  • Super Rare: 2.75 $GLIZZY/day
  • Mythic Rare: 3 $GLIZZY/day
  • Fusion Rare: 3.25 $GLIZZY/day

This rarity-weighted staking system creates a strong incentive to fuse and in turn increases the deflationary pressure on the collection size.

Please read our tokenomics whitepaper to learn about the various uses cases for $GLIZZY and how we plan to introduce it to our NFT holders in a sustainable way.



Glizzy Royale

Glizzy Royale is a pay-and-earn 3rd person battle royale. Each in-game zone is based on a different Solana NFT project. Wager $GLIZZY in 1v1 arena mode.