Fusion Explained

Glizzy Royale
2 min readFeb 21, 2022

Fusion is like minting again, but with much better odds. Our goal with fusion is to create an organic system that will put deflationary pressure on our collection size and create a genuinely fun mechanic that rewards holders tremendously.

Why should you fuse?

  1. Guaranteed rarity upgrades with chance to get new fusion-exclusive traits
  2. Increased daily staking yield (you’ll always get more $GLIZZY from fusing vs. holding two NFTs of a lower rarity)

Your NFT’s rarity is based on the highest rarity trait you have. For example, if you’re rarest trait is uncommon, then you have an uncommon rarity NFT in our metadata. Fusions are only possible with NFT’s with a common or uncommon rarity, creating a unique opportunity for holders with low rarity NFTs.

Our team of developers has built out a proprietary algorithm that determines the outcomes of every fusion, but generally the mechanics are as follows:

Fusion Explained

How it will work:

  1. Go to our website
  2. Connect your wallet to our fusion chamber UI
  3. Select the ID #’s of the two NFTs you wish to fuse
  4. Press FUSE!

The two NFTs you select will be sent to our burn wallet. You will then receive a new NFT from our fusion wallet.

In summary, fusion creates a collection that is both:

  1. Dynamic (the rarity rank of your NFT can change daily)
  2. Deflationary (collection size will naturally decrease over time)



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